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> She Persisted: Dolores Huerta

She Persisted: Dolores Huerta

ISBN: 9780593623565
Penguin Random House
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Inspired by the #1 New York Times bestseller She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger, a chapter book series about women who spoke up and rose up against the odds—including community activist Dolores Huerta!

Dolores Huerta always knew that helping others in her community was important. So when she became a teacher and saw how hard it was for her students from farm families to find enough to eat, she knew there was more she could do. Dolores became a labor rights activist, fighting for better conditions for farm workers. She started unions so that workers would be treated more fairly. And she was also a leader of the women's rights movement. Though she faced discrimination for her gender and her ethnicity, she persisted and helped make life better for farm workers, Latinos, and women across the country.

In this chapter book biography by award-winning author Monica Brown, readers learn about the amazing life of Dolores Huerta—and how she persisted.

Complete with an introduction from Chelsea Clinton, black-and-white illustrations throughout, and a list of ways that readers can follow in Dolores Huerta’s footsteps and make a difference! A perfect choice for kids who love learning and teachers who want to bring inspiring women into their curriculum.

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